Photo Shoots and Process


Photo Details
When I began working on the shoescape series, I started by using some magazine pictures. I've always loved fashion magazines. But I soon learned that the photos and the way they were shot with controlled lighting did not provide me enough information to work with. I needed to see details and study them. I needed to shoot my own photos. Enter the world of volunteer models!

Several terific women were generous of their time, creativity, and passion. WIthout them my work would be much less. Yes, there was a business offer, but it was very modest and no one got rich. Some models provided their own wardrobe. "Tom Lea Park" is blessed with Cynthia's own Enzo Angiolini boots that reflected every pattern of light on a chilly but sunny March day in El Paso. Heather teetered on heels in cactus patches that I had to carry her to so she would not scratch up her legs . Pam was game for everything I asked of her and so fun to work with. The pictures I took at White Sands of Pam were some of most exciting I've ever done. Cathy's corset photos have not yet been painted but they will emerge some day. Susan joined in with her own wardrobe and creative ideas and Krista not only posed but provided shoes that she designed. I truly have been blessed.

Thank you all very much.

PAM is so beautiful and special

The first White Sands photo shoot
Here she is goofing and hamming it up. We were both amatures but we gave it our best shot and the results were amazing and so much fun. The outfit Pam is wearing is made up of a print T-shirt with crochet sleeves we found marked way down at a boutique in El Paso TX. I've seen the same top several times on "Law and Order" where I assure you it is in the Wardrobe Dept. The skirt was batik purchased from a friend's mall kiosk. The belt is mine. The boots are Nine West. The result was exactly what I was looking for: Colorful with variety but not too much busy-ness and lots of attitude. Pam could move in it as well. She began to strut in the dunes taking on a sort of Amazon posture.


Krista and Cru

Cru is a very nice Dallas wine bar I could not have afforded to frequent at the time. It did provide a nice interior for Krista's original boots and bags. The boots included the corset laced boot in bone and the strap wrapped kitten-heel boot I first saw when I was introduced to Krista. That boot would have been perfect for Mrs. Peele of the Avengers,


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